The End of Prohibition

Cannabis prohibition will end in the United States. Without question. A tremendous illicit industry will be brought into the sunlight, with safe, regulated products. 

The present federal illegality of cannabis, from an investment perspective, presents a mismatch of risk and reward, a "regulatory arbitrage." 

The US industry is situated at the fascinating convergence of reforming federal and state law, shifting and increasingly bipartisan politics, and growing complex markets. 

The "Green Regulatory Arbitrage" White Paper discusses impediments to the US cannabis industry due to federal illegality, the legal status of cannabis in various states, the inevitability of federal legalization, forces inexorably driving toward legalization, and many facets of the industry. The Paper also profiles Acreage Holdings, Cresco Labs, 4Front Ventures, and iAnthus, and offers guidance on research sources for investors studying the industry.